Valentine's Day in France versus Cambodia

"Valentine's Day” When people, especially youth, hear about this special day, I am pretty sure that most of them focus much more on expressing love between lovers or couples rather than friendship. In my viewpoint, as a Cambodian girl, Valentine's Day is apparently the magnificent and auspicious day, for it is well-known all over the world. It is held to show sincere one's fervor and enthusiasm towards not only lovers but also parents, siblings and best friends by preparing a special dinner indoor or in a placid restaurant to make the event more memorable and meaningful, regardless committing the wrongdoings. The word wrongdoings here I refer to what is contrary to our Khmer long-lasting precious tradition (for unmarried lovers).

As I went out to observe how different between Cambodia and France when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebration, I met a couple who said that they spend time together dating and eating out in a candle-lit restaurant on that awesome day, but they have to reserve one place in advance; otherwise, it is full everywhere as they experienced last year - they ended up eating in a fast-food restaurant. I was a bit surprised to hear that. I talked to another lady who already has a boyfriend, and she stated that some ladies are disappointed if their boyfriends do not buy any special items like flowers, chocolate and so forth for them on such a special day, but that’s not her type. She said she is very different and realistic. She does not really want that stuff only on that day, so it does not matter for her to get it or not. She just wants her boyfriend to admire that she is beautiful or something like this, and she is delighted enough.

I think what is different from our country is that there are no flowers sold along the street, only in the flower shop with a candid decoration. There are not only roses but also many various kinds of flowers that men can buy for their lovers. Also, in the bread shop, there are some heart-shape-bread decorations, which arouse the guests' interests before the day comes. "


Ly DalinThis article was sent by Ly Dalin who is now living and learning in France. Thank you so much Dalin for sharing this with us.