Social Networking Website as a Place to Start Love

Creation of social networking websites is the starting point of everything else. Everything can be found from building network to blind date. Having blind date through social networking websites has become more well known from day to day. A lot more youngsters in Cambodia have adapted the trend of knowing each other without having known each other before.

Nuth Bunna and Tan Sokunwatey on their wedding day An Institute of Foreign Languages junior Tan Sokunwatey, who started her love relationship through an instant messaging agent, Yahoo Messenger, said, “It is a fate to meet her beloved.”

Watey said her cousin currently living in the United States was the one to introduce Bunna to her. Then afterward, she saw him added her in Yahoo Messenger. Day after day, they started to know each other more and more by using other social networking websites like Facebook and a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet known as Skype.

She continued that, at first, she did not fully believe in what he said, but  her cousin was the one who proved that what he said was really true. From that day on, she started to believe in what he said.

Watey comments that social networking website is a good means to get to know each other, and it is also a source of choices.

She indicates that, “Because in there, you will know a lot of people from different backgrounds and personalities, that’s why you are likely to find the one  who suits you the most easily.”

Though, she supports the idea of finding relationship through those websites, she still recommends youngsters to look carefully at background information of their partners and think carefully before making any decision on love relationship. “You have to be aware that some people can fake their profiles, and some others can express what is really not their real opinion or personality,” said Watey, 21.

Nuth Bunna and Tan Sokunwatey on their wedding dayA Cambodian-American citizen Nuth Bunna, who is a fiancé of Watey said, “It is a good experience to have a relationship in that way because people will try to learn about each other first before they can jump into a love relationship without considering on appearance a matter of their appearance.”

Bunna explained that there were some cases of people who took risk making a relationship via Facebook and faced some problems because of those faked personal profiles. “If a person faces this kind of fake relationship through Facebook, the experience will become a life memorable lessons, and he or she will try to avoid having this kind of relationship through social networking site again.”

Despite facing some risks when interacting with others via World Wide Web, some people find it eaiser somehow to get out their hidden feelings there.

A NGO consultant Bunny Yorth, 31, has been engaged with his girlfriend after having known each other through Facebook for a year. He said through social networking website, he could do things he wants without any interruption.

He said, “I feel more convenient and confident to confess my love through this way because it is more convinced than speaking face to face. It was also easier to response to the rejection rather than meeting outside.”

Through some experiences with her boyfriend, a medical student at the University of Health Science, Kuch Chhoamdaline, 24, said she did not only interact with each other through website. Plus, she and her boyfriend also joined charity events together, which made the friendship stronger and stronger.

A lot of couples already have started their relationship via social networking websites although, it does not mean those people are always gain benefits from them. There are some people who have suffered from website.

Ek Monosen, a love consultant at radio FM.102 in a program called Happiness and Love (សុភមង្គលនិងសេចក្តីសេ្នហា), which is aired from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, says, “people shouldn’t care whether they know each other through Internet or face-to-face contact, the most important is to find out more information of their partners before making decision about their lives.” In general, most people facing problems are those who make quick decision.”

Anyway, he advises the early youth to consider their romantic relationship with a great afford. They need to take care of some points such as jobs, health, appearance, attitude, love background before making decision. “Look carefully and then make a decision”, he said.

Chhoamdaline indicated that, “it [a social networking website] can give you wrong information, also, it can make you quite addicted to it because youth are quite influenced by this newly-created trend that can effect to your study.”

Article by: Sok Samphoas Phalyka & Kim Kotara
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