Training course in animal feed production gives the method of successful pigs raising for scale enterprises

Animal feed business is one of the popular agriculture jobs for some family scale enterprises in Cambodia. This has made animal feed product one of the important components for those family scale enterprises to raise their pigs, yet there are not enough supplied to fill the demand of the local market.

Training program opening speech by Mr. Hoem Seiha. / Photo by Sam Chanmaliny Ros Limly, a trainer and currently handing a USAID’s project on Animal Feed Value Chain, said, “The demand of animal food product in Cambodia is at least 2,000 tons per day. About 40% of the feed is produced domestically, while roughly 60% of the feed is imported from foreign countries to meet the country’s demand.” Therefore, a training to help farmers make animal feed by themselves has been conducted.

The training was initiated by Hoem Seiha, the founder and executive director of Enterprise Consulting. As he saw the demands and the challenges of the farmers to get animal food product increase, he has the idea to open the training course for those farmers to help them to produce their own animal feed product. “I see the lack of producing animal food product within the country and farmers buy it in the high price. This urges me to start the training in order to let them be able to support their small enterprises.”

Ros Limhy showing the machine for making animal feed product. / Photo by Sam Chanmaliny Training Course in Animal Feed Production was conducted in two days, from 19 May to 20 May, with 16 participants in which 5 of whom are female.  The course is aimed to provide a training session on animal feed production so as to boost livestock industry and reduce dependency on import of feed and thus improve overall economic well-beings of the country.

The training provided both theories and practices to the trinees. It was included the general situation in Cambodia, opportunity to produce animal feed product, supply and demand of the animal feed product, and other methods of raising pigs successfully.

Besides, the participations themselves can experience directly at the fields such as a field visit to an outlet selling animal feed facilities and machines, a field visit to an animal feed production factory for learning how to assemble machines and produce feed, and a field visit to a livestock farm in which animals are fed with locally produced feed.

Document used in the training. / Photo by Sam Chanmaliny Sem Pheara, a participant and a student at Prek Leap National School of Agriculture, thought that the training provides a lot of knowledge for him because nowadays Cambodia focuses much on agricultural sector, especially animal feeding. To him, it is a good opportunity that he can increase the knowledge of producing his own animal feed product, and he will apply it to support his pig- farm, which is near Kean Svay district.

Famers spend less money if they can make animal feed by themselves. Therefore, this training is a good means to provide method for them. “If I can learn how to produce animal feed product by myself, I will invest less, and I can get more money from raising animal,” Pheara said.

Leap Chhiv, a participant and also the NGO officer of ADDA from Siem Reap province, noticed that the traing encourages participants to run their small enterprise as we can know how to produce our own animal feed product and how to raise the pigs in the successful way. “When I go back to Siem Reap, I want to propose the project in my community on raising pigs and producing pig feed product,” she said.

In addition to domestic production, now animal feed is increaingly produced by communities and small-family scale enterprises to feed their own livestock, and the move has proved fruitful and lucrative result.

Hoem Seiha believes that by the end of the course, trainees will be able to produce animal feed, assemble feed production facilities, and run and develop feed businesses.

Article by: Sam Chanmaliny
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